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GMC Dealership Survey

Take a survey related to a Chevy, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac dealership survey with a user ID and password.  All information provided to the given dealerships will be used to succeed customers expectations in regards to future visits.

GMC Division of General Motors LLC,

  • Detroit based multi billion dollar auto manufacturer
  • Serves both the Middle East and North America
  • Specializes in the sales of pickup and commercial trucks, buses, vans, military vehicles, and sport utility vehicles
  • A divisions of General Motors Company

GMC was founded in 1908 by Mr. William C. Durant.  Popular models produced by the firm today include the Yukon XL (SUV), Sierra (big boy truck), Canyon (another truck), and Savanna (a big fat juicy van).

Who is the General Motors Company?

  • American multinational corporation
  • Founded in 1908 in the town of Flint Michigan
  • Has almost 400 manufacturing operation sites on six continents

GM manufactures and sells autos under the Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, and Buick names.  The firm employs more than 200,000 people and can be found on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol GM.

The General Motor Company corporate office can be found at 300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265 and reached by phone by calling 313-556-5000.

Major holders of GM stock include the likes of Vanguard, Slate Street, JP Morgan Chase & Company, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc, BlackRock, and Capital World Investors.  GM competes with Ford, Daimler AG, and Toyota.

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