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Go VZW Verizon Plan

View a variety of unlimited talk and text plans from Verizon Wireless online.  GO VZW Verizon Plans come in size small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra EXTRA large depending on how much date the customer requires.  Please note all sizes include unlimited talk and text plans PLUS $20/month/smartphone purchased on the given device payment.

Cost of each GO VZW Verizon Plan?

  • Small = 1GB for $30
  • Medium = 3GB for $45
  • Large = 6GB for $60
  • Extra Large = 12GB for $80
  • Extra Extra Large = 18GB for $90

In most cases the medium size will be plenty of data for any one individual customer and the Extra Large packages are simply overkill and anyone using that much data should most likely seek counseling.

More notes in regards to VZW Plans

  • Plan data can be shared with family members
  • VZW Plan sizes can be switched at any given time
  • Extra GB can be purchased for $15 if the member does not want to switch plans
  • All plans come with the 4G LTE network in the country (or so Verizon claims)

Any questions about a VZA Plan can be directed to a customer care agent at 888-775-8098.  Customers should also not that Verizon offers two different charges: 1. Data plan shared by up to 10 devices and 2. Device access charge for each device (“For example, if you have 4 smartphones and 1 tablet on your account, you’ll have 5 device access charges (i.e., one for each device) and 1 data plan charge.“).

Customers who are looking for only the bare bones type of phone set up should check out the basic plan option which provides unlimited TEXT messaging, 700 minutes  for $25/month, and $1.99/MB for data (this is ideal for a single customer looking to save a few bucks).

Although a customer is free to upgrade a plan at anytime a customer cannot switch back to a previous plan once a change has been made.

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