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Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement

Obtain information in regards to the class action lawsuit against the Golden 1 Credit Union that centers on overdraft fees charged to customers by the bank.  The class members contend Golden 1 charged them costly overdraft fees even though the customers had enough money in their checking accounts to cover the expense/purchase.  Any Golden 1 customers who had a checking account with the from from April 2, 2009 and April 30, 2015 and were charged a courtesy pay overdraft fee may be entitled to a settlement under the terms of the Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement.

Golden 1 Credit Union Overdraft Fee Lawsuit notes

  • The overdraft fee is associated with debit card, check or ACH transaction in relation to Golden 1 accounts
  • The lead plaintiff is Isabel Manwaring
  • Class members in the Golden 1 Overdraft Settlement case cite the California Unfair Competition Law, Breach of Contract, Negligent Misrepresentation, Unjust Enrichment as part of the case against the California based credit union
  • The case is entitled Manwaring v. Golden 1 Credit Union and a fairness hearing will be held on 12/9/15 to determine if the settlement terms are cool with all the parties involved
  • The law firm of DOWNEY BRAND LLP will represent the defendant aka Golden 1 Credit Union

Class members who file timely claims (claims forms must be in by November 9th 2015) my receive payments for up to 10 eligible overdraft fees they were charged.  This is labeled case number 34-2013-00142667 and is pending in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

Questions about the Golden 1 lawsuit can be directed to 1-844-656-0348 or by email at info@Golden1OverdraftSettlement.com.

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