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Golden Goose 99

  • Learn more about why 3% of the population controls 97% of the wealth in the free world

The Golden Goose 99 promotional offer requires the customer to provide their name, email address, and phone number in order to obtain access to the 3% system.  Once the customer has provided their information they will gain access to the Golden Goose 99 3% system instantly.  This promotional offer (operated by Financial Freedom) claims they will not sell or rent the consumers information to ANYONE.

Golden Goose 99 Notes

  • Explains why some people can make money in any economic climate
  • Claims the 3% group consistently leverage small amounts of time and money to make major profits

“We’re going to give you FREE INSTANT ACCESS to the most powerful program on the Internet today – one that will get you a lot closer to that 3% group (remember, THEY control 97% of the money). We’ll show you how YOU can begin receiving thousands of dollars delivered right to your front door WITHIN 48 HOURS! Then, receive thousands of dollars every week with as little as a few hours a day devoted to the program.” – goldengoose99.com

Any promotion that is claiming they can deliver “thousands of dollars” to a persons door step in 2 days should be avoided like the plague.

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