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Gov Pay Now

  • Make a payment online with the PLC code (Pay Location Code)
  • If the user does not have a PLC ode they can search via the agency/payment type OR search by typing State, City or Agency Name

The Gov Pay Now service allows credit, debit, and pre-paid debit card transactions for government agencies such as “law enforcement agencies, courts, corrections facilities, departments of revenue, and treasurers, such as cash bail; deposits to inmate trust, telephone and commissary accounts; probation obligations; restitution payments; electronic monitoring fees; payment of traffic and criminal fines; court fees; towing and impound fees; records fees; child support; property taxes; assessment payments; business taxes; and license and permit fees, among other“.

Gov Pay Now Notes

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit or debit cards are the ONLY acceptable forms of payment at this time
  • The “PLC” code will be 4 to 6 digits in length and alphanumeric in character
  • GovPayNet is not affiliated with the Federal Government and is a private company that serves government agencies
  • All payments will require the customer to provide the CVV number associated with the debit or credit card
  • The GovPayNet call center is open around the clock 24/7/365
  • Any and all service fees with be disclosed to the user before making a payment
  • Once a payment is made via Gov Pay Now it will be confirmed via email
  • If the customer makes a overpayment please allow GovPayNet up to 5 days to credit the payment to the customer’s account

Anyone looking to contact Gov Pay Now should direct their phone call to 1-888-604-7888 or 1-877-392-2455 for bail issues (GovPayNet does offer a limited amount of Spanish-speaking staff in the call center).  Please note that GovPayNet is not a bail bondsman and each court may have different rules when determining bail.

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