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Hamburger Stand Survey

  • Take a super short survey related to a hamburger purchase

The feedback provided during the course of the Hamburger Stand survey are very valuable to and the Hamburger Stand appreciate the customer taking their time to provide honest answers… the first few questions are for classification purposes.  All feedback provided in the survey will help improve the taste of the hamburgers and customer service provided… the survey is powered by Global Test Markets.

Hamburger Stand Customer Feedback

  • Customers may have been invited to take the survey via social media, from a flyer or via text message
  • The survey will ask how many times the customer has visited competitors to the Hamburger Stand such as Burger King, A&W Root Beer, Wendy’s and McDonald’s
  • Customers will also be asked to provide which location did the visit take place at (i.e. Thornton – 8680 Washington Street, El Centro – 825 S. Imperial Avenue)
  • Finally to complete the survey the Hamburger Stand customer will be asked to provide if they are a guy or a girl (i.e. male or female)

Who is the Hamburger Stand?

  • An US-based Hot Dog and Hamburger restaurant
  • Can be reached at 877-709-3647
  • Serves up some of the best burgers in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, and Wyoming

Some of the better menu items to try when visiting a Hamburger Stand include: junkyard chili cheeseburger (ask for extra chili), bacon guacamole burger, kraut dog, classic cheeseburger, mustard dog, chicken deluxe sandwich, and the Polish sandwich.  The Polish sandwich is the best item on the menu and features a plump Polish sausage that is split down the middle and then placed between two slices of warm rye bread… the sandwich is plied high with swiss cheese, pickle spear and French’s tangy mustard.  Customers can also order fries and a shake with their meal but both these menu items are underwhelming.

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