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Hiring To Win

  • The McDonald’s Hiring to Win web site is designed for people to be able to apply for jobs at any McDonald’s location around the world
  • The “Promo Code” section on Hire to Win is just a section to send an application in for a specific job at a specific McDonald’s store is someone has already spoken with a manager at that McDonald’s
  • To apply for a McDonald’s job on Hire to Win, applicants will need to have a promo code. This can be obtained from a current McDonald’s manager

Potential applicants who are interested in working for McDonald’s can use the Hiring to Win site to apply for any open McDonald’s job. Once an initial application is done, the Hiring to Win page will be used for the McDonald’s personality test portion.

Working for McDonald’s has a lot of great benefits like a flexible schedule (since most McDonald’s are open 24 hours), free McDonald’s uniforms for work, a discount meal program, McDonald’s education assistance to help further the education of any McDonald’s employee, and the McPerks savings program which is designed to help McDonald’s employees save money.

What is the McDonald’s Hiring to Win page for?

The Hiring to Win page doesn’t just test for people’s answers, but it also test for consistency, to make sure people aren’t just choosing the “right” answer for the McDonald’s personality test. Initial applications for a job at McDonald’s can be done online or in store, but after a manger has had an interview with a potential employee, they will give the applicant a promo code to use on Hiring to Win to continue the application process.

  • McDonald’s Hiring to Win promo codes are unique to each individual store

To contact McDonald’s corporate about the “Hiring to Win” service:

  • 2111 McDonalds Dr, Oak Brook, IL 60523

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