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Home Depot Rebates Prepaid

  • Submit a rebate to the Home Depot online (customers will have to pick a department in relation to the rebate i.e. Appliances, Heating & Cooling, Lawn & Garden, or Paint)
  • The Home Depot Rebate service will also require the customer to provide the date of purchase (or the contract date)

Customers who are looking to check their Home Depot Rebates prepaid balance account can do so by navigating to the upper right hand corner of the site and clicking on “card balance”… the user will then be directed to sing into their Home Depot card account online.  Please allow up to a 8 weeks for the Home Depot prepaid gift card to arrive via US Mail.  Those who need a copy of the receipt in order to claim a Home Depot rebate should visit the store in which the purchase was made as most Home Depot stores can reprint a receipt… especially if the date of purchase is know

Home Depot Rebates Prepaid Notes

  • Customers who fail to claim a prepaid gift card will be unable to claim a gift card if the deadline has passed
  • If the gift card has not arrived in 10 weeks please dial 1.866.451.1357 to report the issue as the card could have been lost in the mail or processing
  • In some case the customer may need the original product bar code when claiming a Home Depot Rebate prepaid card
  • If the amount of the rebate card is not correct please dial the 866 customer service number mention previously above

To check the status of a Home Depot Rebates Prepaid gift card please dial 1.866.451.1357 or use the Track a Rebate tool.  Anyone needing to contact the Home Depot Rebate service via US mail should write to: The Home Depot Paint Rebate Program Promo Code xx-xxxxx Resubmission Department P.O. Box 540156 El Paso, TX 88554-0156.

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