www.homesite.com/mypolicy – Manage Policy Online

HomeSite My Policy

  • Access a home owners insurance policy online
  • Operated by the Homesite Group Incorporated
  • First time users will have to register at www.homesite.com/mypolicy while returning users can sign in with their user ID (which is their email address used at the time of sign up)

HomeSite.com/MyPolicy allows the user to make a payment, register a bank account for automated payments, email proof of insurance, download policy documents, view policy coverage information, enroll in paperless billing (AL Gore would be happy… or would he), and file a claim.  Any My Policy account questions can be directed to 1-800-466-3748.  Those who need to file a claim should dial 1-800-466-3748 or simply login to their account online.  Customers are encouraged to go paperless and receive notices/bills via email.

www.HomeSite.com/MyPolicy Account Creation (needed information)

  1. Internet connection
  2. A comfy office chair to settle into
  3. Navigate to the account creation page
  4. Provide the primary account holders last name and zip code
  5. Input the customers policy number
  6. Click on the submit button
  7. Brew up some ice tea with lemonade and celebrate

What type of properties can HomeSite insure?

  • Houses (standard run of the mill family home)
  • Condos
  • Businesses (i.e. Subway, Book stores)
  • Rentals

Please note that those who file a claim are required to choose a contractor.  HomeSite may recommend a few contractors but ultimately the customers must pick their contractor to fix the issue at hand.  The price of a contractor will differ based on location (Orange County vs Milwaukee) and the type of work that needs to be done (hardwood floor installation vs backslash installation).  Those who live in a condo should contact their condo association ASAP in the event of damage so they can determine if a claim should be filed through the Master Insurance Policy (sometime Condos associations have wacky rules and regulations when it comes to repairs).


  1. www.homesite.com/mypolicy
  2. www.go.homesite.com/quote