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Intrust Bank Rewards

Access or browse the Intrust Bank Card Rewards catalog online where members (and non members alike) can sample some of the merchandise and travel rewards associated with the Intrust Bank Rewards program (please note while browsing the catalog members will not be able to make purchases).

INTRUST Rewards Notes

  • Use the card to make purchases and the points will add up rapidly
  • These points can be used for rewards
  • Members can view-point balances, search and view rewards, and create wish lists

Intrust Bank

  • Dates back to the late 1800’s by C. Q. Chandler II
  • Was first called Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • Did not become Intrust until 1900

Any questions about the INTRUST BANK can be directed to 316-383-1234 or toll-free at 800-895-2265.

Any questions about the INTRUST BANK REWARDS program can be directed to Credit & Debit Cards at 316-383-1354 or toll-free 800-222-7458.

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