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IRS PTIN Renewal

  • Provides information on how to locate and renew a IRS PTIN account

Please note that a tax payer will need a PTIN account and Internet access in order renew their IRS PTIN.  What does PTIN stand for?  According to the official IRS web page PTIN stands for PReparer tax identification number and is REQUIRED for anyone whom prepares or assists in preparing federal tax returns for clients.

PTIN notes

  • It will take new users about 15 minutes to obtain a PTIN account
  • A PTIN account will cost $50.00
  • When applying for an account please have the Business/Persons information (i.e. name and mailing address), provide an explanation if ever convicted of a felony, explanations for problems with the U.S. individual or business tax obligations, and a valid payment method (any major credit or debit card)
  • Those who have a felony or delinquent tax payment may be denied a PTIN account
  • PTIN accounts always expire on the last day of the year (i.e. 12/31) so users will always have to go through this bothersome renewal process
  • Online renewal for an account usually begins on Nov. 1.

Renewing or registering for an account online is the easiest way to go but for people who like the old fashion form and mail method please file Form W-12 (aka IRS Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Application) and the allow up to 6 weeks for processing.

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