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Irving Rewards Redeem

  • Redeem a bonus reward associated with the popular Irving Energy Fuel Rewards Program
  • The consumers Irving Rewards Card must be registered in order to redeem the bonus rewards offer online

The Irving Rewards Redeem process should take less than 2 minutes to complete assuming the member has all the required information on hand.  What is needed to start the redemption process?  Customers will need the Irving Rewards Card Number, a valid email address, and the Irving Rewards Fuel Redemption Code (failure to have any of the information will result in the member not being able to claim their fuel bonus reward).

Irving Energy

  • Founded in 1924 and is currently a division of Irving Oil specializing in energy processing, transporting, and marketing
  • Operates mainly in the Northern New England United States and Atlantic Canada area
  • Provides heating oil and propane to residents living in the states of Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire
  • Makes over 1 million deliveries a year to loyal Irving Energy customers

Please note Irving does have a minimum delivery amount in order to be a customer of the firm… minimum delivery in Eastern Canada is 455L of furnace oil and a fill for propane AND the minimum delivery in New England is 125 gallons of oil and / or propane (100 gallons of propane for tanks less than 250 gallons).

How to make a payment to Irving Energy?

  • Residential customers are allowed to use a credit card (i.e. Visa. AMEX or Discover card), electronic check that is linked to a good standing bank account, paper check and cash money
  • At this time commercial customers are only allowed to use EFT and checks

Any questions in regards to the Irving Rewards Redeem program can be directed to a live customer service agent at 1.888.310.1924 (please note this number is available from Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm).

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