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Jersey Mike’s Comment Card

  • Provide valuable feedback to Jersey Mike’s Subs in regards to a visit
  • The customers will be able to sleep easy knowing they made their local Jersey Mike’s a better place to eat
  • JerseyMikes.com/Comment-Card is operated by Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, Inc

Please note “Jersey Mike’s Subs,” “Jersey Mike’s,” and “Mike’s Way” are registered trademarks of Jersey Mike’s Franchise Systems, Inc.  In order to provide feedback the customer will have to provide the location in which the Jersey Mike’s visit took place, date of visit, name, email, and phone number.  All of the customer’s information will only be used to increase the customer service at Jersey Mike’s and the customers name will never be shared with the employees at their local Jersey Mike’s sub shop.  Customers will be asked to rate the quality of the food, freshness of the food, value of the product, friendliness of the employees, promptness of the employees, and the overall customer experience.  www.JerseyMikes.com/Comment-Card will also ask the customer how often they visit, will then come back, and would they recommend Jersey Mike’s to a friend or colleague.

JerseyMikes.com/Comment-Card Notes

  • A must for Jersey Mike’s fan boys
  • Will help improve the service and the quality of their subs
  • Customers will need about 3 minutes to take the survey
  • It does not appear that the customer will be rewarded with a coupon or sweepstakes entry in regard to providing feedback to Jersey Mike’s 🙁

Must try subs at Jersey Mike’s?

  1. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak
  2. Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly
  3. The Veggie (swiss, provolone and green bell peppers; Order it Mike’s Way for lettuce, tomato, and onions… this one is a must for people looking to avoid animal meat)
  4. Stickball Special (provolone, ham and salami… whats not to like here?)
  5. Tuna Fish Sub (ideal for people looking to chow down on some fish?)


  1. www.jerseymikes.com/comment-card