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KPF Prepaid Check Balance

  • Check a balance associated with a Kroger Prepaid 123 rewards debit card
  • This is a prepaid Debit Card that allows Kroger customers to earn reward points toward groceries just for using the card (very similar to the Walgreen reward card program)

The KPF Prepaid reward program is free and is a debit card which means the card cannot hurt or harm a credit score and the customer will not have to have their credit score checked when making an application.  When opening a KPF prepaid member account the applicant will need to provide their name, address, phone number, DOB, and SSN # or tax payer ID number (in some cases Kroger may ask to see a driver license).

Kroger Prepaid Notes

  • Customers must be 18 years of age or older in order to obtain a KPF Prepaid Card
  • Members are allowed to have two activate KPF debit cards at one time (but the account numbers on each card MUST be different)
  • A bothersome monthly fee is associated with the Kroger prepaid rewards program (a list of fees can be found here)
  • All cards are allowed to be personalized (for example a customer who loves cats may get a picture of a cat on their KPF card)
  • Rush delivery of a Korger prepaid card is available but will cost $20
  • Once the card has arrive the card holder MUST call the toll-free number on the sticker of the card before a purchase can be made
  • The card can be used at an ATM to obtain cash or check a balance but this will usually be accompanied with a bothersome fee

Any questions about the KPF prepaid check balance process (or any questions in general) can be directed to a customer service agent at 866-265-8419.  Please do not contact Kroger about the card as they will simply redirect the card holder to the number on the back of the KPF prepaid card.

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