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KS Web Tags

  • The state of Kansas allows residents to renew their vehicle registration online easily and quickly without having to visit a DMV office
  • Online vehicle registration can be done for any vehicle in Kansas, regardless of classification or use
  • The KS Web Tags site is a service of the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles and and the Kansas County Treasurer

To start renewing a Kansas vehicle registration, residents just need to enter their alpha numeric PIN and their vehicle year. Once that’s entered, residents will be asked to verify vehicle their information (like the make, model and year). Once the type of vehicle is confirmed, residents will make payment for their Kansas vehicle registration.

When Kansas residents renew their vehicle registration online and complete their transaction, their receipt from Kansas, plus their decal and any license plate will be mailed out from the local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office within 10 days. Motor vehicles in Kansas can’t be legally driver without a current registration decal. For new residents, vehicles must registered within 90 days of moving to Kansas.

What is the Kansas Driver’s Privacy Protection Act?

Access to Kansas motor vehicle records is limited because of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994. This act states that only the owner of a vehicle has access to this information, and that entering the PIN will only be done by the owner. Access of vehicle information in Kansas using the KS Web Tags system by someone who is not the vehicle owner may be punishable by local laws.

To contact the state of Kansas about a vehicle registration:

  • Docking State Office Bldg. 1st Floor, 915 SW Harrison, Topeka, Ks 66612

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