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Liberty Gift Card

Order or register a Liberty gift card online (the card number and the three digit code will be needed to register the card online).  Once the Liberty Gift card has been registered it can be used at a variety of locations (gas stations, grocery stores, fast food shops), including restaurants and entertainment venues (i.e. movie theatres and concerts).

Those who would like to order a gift card can choose from 5 different unique designs and the card can be loaded in whole dollar amounts between $25.00 and $500.00.  When ordering gift cards over $399 the card must be shipped to the person who bought it (i.e. the card cannot be shipped to the person receiving the card).  The person purchasing the gift card will also have the option to leave a cute message such as “good luck”, “Merry Christmas”, or “happy Valentines day”.

Gift card notes of interest

  • All gift cards can be activated by calling 1-866-244-5360
  • The PIN number is for making POS purchases only
  • The cards can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • If the card balance is less than $100 the customer cannot use the card to pay AT THE PUMP
  • The last four digits of the customer’s phone number will be required when registering the card
  • This is not a credit card and the card will only carry the amount of fixed cash determined by the Gift Card purchaser (aka the gift giver)
  • Cardholders CANNOT obtain cash back with the Liberty Gift Card
  • Any problems or issues can be directed to the 24 hour help line at 1-866-244-5360
  • Replacement card will cost $5 (if the card has less than $5 on it and is lost it is not worth the time and effort to order a replacement)

All of the gift card issued by Harland Clarke will expire at the 7 year mark from when the card was purchased.

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