www.macys.com/paybill free – Pay Macy’s Bill Online Service

Macy’s Pay Bill Free

  • Pay off a Macy’s billing account online for free
  • When making an online payment associated with a Macy’s credit card account customers can elect to make a one-time payment or set up a monthly auto payment (auto payments are they way to go)

The Macy’s Pay Bill Free service will require the customer to have a Macy’s billing profile and Internet access.  To create a free billing profile associated with a Macy’s credit card the customer must provide their name, mailing address, and emailing address.  During the sign up process Macy’s customers will automatically be selected to receive emails in regards to sales, offers & events at Macy’s (to opt out of this the user will have to check the no box).

Macy’s Pay Bill Free Credit Card Notes

  • Customers are NOT allowed to use another credit card or a gift card when paying down a Macy’s Credit Card or Macy’s American Express Card account
  • Please dial 888-257-6757 to make a payment via phone
  • Please allow up to 3 days for a payment to be credited to a Macy’s card account when paying online
  • Account members can add up to five payment sources online (i.e. checking and saving accounts but the bank account must be in good standing)

Looking to make a payment by mail?

  • Macy’s Payments, PO Box 9001094, Louisville, KY 40290-1094 (regular standard time payments)
  • Express Payments, Macy’s Payment Department, 6716 Grade Lane Bldg. 9, Suite 910 Louisville, KY 40213 (this address is used for customers looking to make a payment extra quick in order to avoid being late)
  • Macy’s American Express, Account Payments PO Box, 9001108 Louisville, KY 40290-110 (this address should be used by AMEX account holders only)

Loyal customers who would like to request a credit limit increase associated with their Macy’s credit card are allowed to do so but will have to provide their annual income, residential status and monthly mortgage or rent payment (please note in some cases the customer’s credit report may be pulled).

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