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McDonald’s UK Monopoly 

  • Enter and obtain more details about the McDonald’s MONOPOLY PRIZE CHOICE 2016 Promotion
  • In order to participate the contestant must be 16 years of age or over and a UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands’ resident

The McDonald’s UK Monopoly game will run from 16th March 2016 to 26th April 2016 and will feature a ton of McDonald’s food prizes.  Monopoly game boards can be obtained online or by visiting a participating McDonald’s restaurant.  The game boards inside a McDonald’s restaurant can be found at the trayliners in which the customers food is served on or pocket-sized leaflets which should be available at the front counter.

McDonald’s UK Monopoly Game Notes

  • Game pieces can be found on qualifying food products from MCD
  • Be careful when removing the Game Piece from the packaging by peeling back where indicated
  • Each Game Piece comprises either two Stickers (Double Game Piece) or three Stickers (Triple Game Piece) depending on the type of product purchased
  • Contestants will want to collect the game pieces in hopes of forming a “Monopoly” (or some game pieces will have instant win prizes”
  • All game pieces will have a unique 8 digit security-code

What food items from McDonald’s will contain a game piece?  The following items can be purchased in order to obtain a 2016 McDonald’s UK Monopoly game piece:

  • Medium or large fries
  • Medium or large drink
  • Premium salads (this does NOT include the popular Shaker Side Salad)
  • Chicken legend or chicken selects
  • Big Tasty (with or without bacon… also known as the Big Nasty in some circles)
  • Cadbury creme egg or Cadbury caramel McFlurry
  • Regular or large Iced Frappe or smoothie
  • Big flavour wrap
  • Mozzarella dippers

Contestants who are fortunate enough to live in Northern Ireland can enter without purchase by writing to: “No Purchase Necessary Game Piece Northern Ireland” McDonald’s MONOPOLY PRIZE CHOICE 2016, Dept 6506 P.O. Box 99, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP19 8RR… please note all entries by mail must be received by 4/26/16 and only one entry is allowed per mailing.

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