www.medsavings.com – Save On FARXIGA or XIGDUO XR

Med Savings

  • The Med Savings web site is for customers who are prescribed either FARXIGA or XIGDUO XR, and can end up with customers paying $0 for each of their prescriptions
  • Patients who are currently enrolled in either a state or a federally funded prescription insurance program will not be eligible for this offer
  • This offer found on the MedSavings.com site is good for a maximum of 12 uses (each 28 day or 30 day supply will count as one use)

Commercially insured patients who have been prescribed Farxiga or Xigduo can take advantage of the Med Savings offer to save money on every single prescription. All customers have to do to get a Med Savings card is register online with MedSavings.com, request a new card, and then activate their new Med Savings card when it arrives. Customers may still be eligible for this Med Savings offer if they are insured by commercial insurance and their insurance does not cover the full cost of a prescription (meaning patients enrolled in a program like Medicaid, Medicare Part D, Medigap, Veterans Affairs (VA) insurance, Department of Defense (DOD) insurance programs or any TriCare insurance).

Online ICuracao Quick Notes

  • The Med Davings web page offer is not considered an offer for insurance, and is restricted to only residents of the United States and Puerto Rico, and  only for patients who are over 18 years of age at the time of their application
  • A must for people who take FARXIGA or XIGDUO XR

How do customers actually use their MedSavings card?

Retail customers using the Med Savings card just need to present their activated card with a prescription to their pharmacist when they send in their prescription while mail order customers trying to use a Med Savings card just need to call the number on the card and ask for customer service or follow the instructions on the site.

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