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M Life Insider

  • Access a M Life Insider account online
  • This program is a perk of being employed by MGM Resorts
  • MLifeInsider.com is a must for all full-time employees and is powered by Okta

In order to login to M Life the user will need their employee ID (aka employee number) and password.  Those who are new to MGM Resorts (aka new hires) will have to speak with their local human resource department in order to obtain an employee number/ID.  Any questions in regards to www.mlifeinsider.com can be directed to a customer service agent at 855-286-0151.  Once the employee has registered for the program they will receive M life Insider rates of 20% off room rates which can be used at any MGM Resorts properties. M life Insiders can share their discounted rates with friends, enemies and family members by selecting the  “Share Insider rates with my friends and family” tab.  This will allow the employee to send an email to friend/family with a link to the M life Insider reservation system.  Please note in the event of a major concert or event some rooms/resorts may not be available at certain times.  MGM Resorts reserves the right to change or cancel this employee benefit at anytime with or without notice.

www.MLifeInsider.com Notes

  1. Designed for MGM Resorts employees only
  2. Cannot be used by former employees or retirees
  3. Okta is an on-demand service that allows you to easily sign-in to all the applications your organization uses through a single login
  4. A must for people who like to travel
  5. Employees are not allowed to use the program for non MGM Resort properties
  6. Employees should check with their supervisor to ensure they have enough vacation days before scheduling the trip


Popular hotels that can be used under MLifeInsider.com?


  1. www.mlifeinsider.com
  2. www.mgmresorts.okta.com/help/login
  3. www.insiderreservations.mgmresorts.com