www.mtb.com/mymortgageinfo – M&T Bank My Mortgage Services

MTB My Mortgage Info

  • Access a mortgage account associated with M&T Bank (the main purpose of the service is online bill pay)
  • For more information regarding alternate methods of payment and/or access to billing statements customers will want o access the main M&T’s page

The MTB My Mortgage Info is free to use and new customer will have to register with their M&T Bank primary loan number, SSN/TIN* (123456789 or 123-45-6789), and a valid email address (don’t worry the registration process should take less than 5 minutes to complete).  Once the borrower has registered for MTB My Mortgage Info they can begin to make payments online, view loan statements, and update M&T Bank account information (i.e. address, phone number).

MTB Mortgage Loans

  • Can be sold at anytime
  • Can be refinanced by calling 800-479-1992 and speaking with a M&T Refinance Specialist
  • Most borrowers are encouraged to set up auto loan payments via the My Mortgage Info Autodraft Payment section
  • Those who do not set up auto payment run the risk of being late or missing a M&T Mortgage payment which would be bad
  • Borrowers who would like to cancel their auto payments can call the toll-free loan number or fax a request to 716-848-3709
  • Please note, some M&T Bank loan accounts are not eligible to cancel this service including bi-weekly mortgages and employee loans receiving an employee discount

Any questions or concerns about a MTB loan can be directed to 1-800-724-2224 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am-8 pm ET) while customers who are looking to make a M&T bank payment via mail should send it to: M&T Bank P.O. Box 62182 Baltimore, MD 21264-2182.  Borrowers who are in a rush to beat the clock on a payment should send it overnight to: 1 Fountain Plaza – 7th floor Buffalo, NY 14203.

The M&T Bank Corporate office is based at One M&T Plaza Buffalo, NY 14203 and can be reached by phone by calling 716-635-4000.

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