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My CatamarnaRX

  • Manage an Optum RX Prescription account through the My Catamaran RX service
  • Free and simple to use
  • Customers will receive a new prescription card from Optum when their current one expires, but they will not receive a new one just because of this change

The My Catamaran RX service lets people who have their prescriptions managed by Optum RX log on to manage their account, including requesting refills, seeing how many refills are left on an Optum prescription account, and contacting a doctor with questions about medicine. Customers who get their prescription medicines through either the Catamaran Rx service or the Optum Rx service will log on to manage their accounts through the same portal. Users who had an account with Catamaran will need to create a new account on the Optum service. Optum Prescriptions and Catamaran RX have combined to be one company, and they now operate under the umbrella of just the Optum RX name. For most customers, there won’t be a change in how things operate and how medicines are filled. Registration for an Optum prescription account just involves the account holder entering their basic personal information like name and address on the Optum site. Please note Catamaran Prescription customers will continue to use their same Catamaran prescription card even though the company is now known as Optum

What will change for customers now that Catamaran Rx has become a part of Optum?

Coverage and co-pays will not change since Catamaran Rx is now Optum, and customers can keep visiting the same pharmacy they already use. Both the OptumRx and Catamaran prescription networks are accepted at many  large national chain pharmacies and  local community pharmacies.

Any questions in regards to the My Caramarna RX service can be directed to 855-505-8107 or by mail: OptumRx PO Box 509075 San Diego, CA 92150-9075.


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