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My Cricket Win Backs

  • Customers with a Cricket phone can restore their service by using the “Reactivate A Cricket Phone” web site
  • In the majority of cases, a Cricket phone is deactivated because of late payment on a bill, or because the phone was lost or stolen
  • To reactivate Cricket service, customers will need to enter their account number online or log in to their Cricket online account

If a Cricket phone was cut off because of late payment, the customer will need to make a payment within 24 hours of the bill due date to avoid paying a $5 activation fee. Customers who deactivated a cricket phone because it was lost or stolen do not have to pay the $5 activation fee. The date a Cricket customer restores their phone will become their new pay date for their Cricket bill. If a Cricket customer pays their bill more than 30 days late, a $15 reactivation fee will be charged. Cricket payments made within 60 days of the customer’s last pay date canceled.

My Cricket Win Backs Info

  • While a Cricket phone is suspended, customers can’t make or receive any phone calls, texts, or use any data
  • A suspended Cricket phone can call Support Advocate at 611 or call 911
  • Any Cricket account balance that is not used during the monthly period will be considered nonrefundable and nontransferable, even while the phone is in suspended mode.

How to Restore A Cricket Phone That Was Lost or Stolen

If a Cricket customer has found their phone and needs it removed from the Cricket blocked database (and get their service restored), they will need to chat online or call a Cricket Support Advocate. For lost Cricket phones, customers can temporarily suspend one line. If a customer reaches their Cricket Pay Before Date, they will need to pay their bill to avoid an interruption in service regardless of status.

More Things to Know About Cricket Wireless

  • 1 (800) 274-2538

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