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  • Use a Personal Code associated with a green envelope to obtain a refund

The service is operated by Higher One, Inc. who believes students should be aware of the financial choices they make and the fees related to those choices.  Please note those who utilize the same business day deposit option into the OneAccount, a non-interest bearing, internet-only checking account will receive the refund within 24 hours.  Students who do not use the OneAccount option may experience a wait time of up to three days to receive their refund. My LACCD card customers who already have an account can sing in with their email address.

Higher One Services and Fees

  • There is no minimum opening deposit for the OneAccount
  • Overdrafts will cost the student $29 per occurrence
  • A My LACCD Card replacement fee will cost $20.00 (so don’t lose the card)
  • A $25 research fee will be charged for research conducted at the request regarding transaction activity or history on the account
  • Same business day electronic payment will cost $4.95
  • It is recommended that customers sign up for Mobile Alerts which will inform customers when a payment is made via e-check or a paper check, and via ACH
  • Higher One does offer a Online Bill Pay service that is FREE to all customers and is an awesome alternative to writing personal checks (who even writes a check nowadays)

Any questions about the My LACCD Card services can be directed to a customer care agent at 1-866-309-7454 (this number is available from Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and is closed on the weekends and major holidays such as Christmas and New Years Day).  The My LACCD Card service does offer a Automated services line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customer who are in need of urgent help.

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