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My MRP Card

  • Register for the Merial Rewards Program online with a 16 digit card number and a valid email address
  • Return reward program members can simply sign in with their card account number

The My MRP Card is used with the MERIAL Rewards Program and members earn reward points when they use HEARTGARD or FRONTLINE brand products on their pets.  This program is a must for any pet owners who frequent use these products and would like to earn rewards for their efforts.  Please call 1-800-307-7000 with any questions or issues in regards to the My MRP Card or the MERIAL Rewards Program.

How are MRP rewards earned? 

  1. 1 point for each eligible 12-dose supply of a HEARTGARD brand product rebate coupon submitted
  2. 1 point for each eligible 6-month supply of a FRONTLINE brand product free-dose coupon submitted
  3. Half a point for each eligible 3-month supply of a FRONTLINE brand product free-dose coupon submitted
  4. 2 points for each eligible Combo Offer coupon submitted

Every point earned equals 1 dollar in cash that can be used toward rewards of the members choosing.

Clinics can either join the MERIAL Rewards Program participate as either “Individuals” or “Team Play”.  Clinics who elect to join as a team will see the rewards distributed evenly among all the employees at the given clinic.

Points can be redeemed for such things as a lunch (St. Louis Bread Company) for the entire clinic staff or a day at the spa.  Once the member has earned 50 points or more they will be sent a MERIAL Rewards Program Visa Prepaid Card with the points loaded onto it as dollars.  This card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and future points can be loaded unto this nifty card.

Please note the MERIAL Rewards Visa prepaid card is issued by UMB Bank, N.A and cannot be used at ATM’s.


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