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My Own Home Career is owned and operated by Ameriplan who has an “A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureaus and has been doing business in the US since 1992.  In order to obtain more information about the “work from home” plan users will have to provide their name, email address. and day time telephone number.  Ameriplan defines themselves as a service based company and does not have the person selling products or doing those annoying home parties PLUS they will never ask for money up front.

What are the highlights of the My Own Home Career?

  • Potential to Make $1,000 in 30 days while driving around in a Cadillac
  • People can work part or full-time (perfect for stay at home mom’s)
  • Med Plus and Dental plans memberships for your entire household
  • Training is provided and some employees make up to 70k a year working from home
  • The main service the person will be marketing are discount and protection plans to consumers

My Own Home Career Reviews are hard to find BUT reviews for their parent company (Ameriplan) could be located:

Good: set your own hours and being your own boss | Bad: Due to Obama Care, sales decreased, hard to find leads” – Former Employee – Manager/Owner in Plano, TX

“Pros: Convenience of setting own hours from home computer | Cons: Not enough steady revenue.” – Current Employee – Independent Contractor in Memphis, TN

“Pros: Large company that has been around for years, everyone works well together and is real helpful. since the economy has fallen apart and so many people can’t afford insurance, it’s nice to have a discounted medical/dental program to help bring the costs down.” – Current Employee – Recruiter/Trainer in Schaumburg, IL

The MAIN benefits is the ability to work from home without a boss looking over your shoulder.  Plus employees can work at their own pace and do not have to punch a clock or work standard set hours.

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