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My PreFund

  • Learn more about obtaining a PreFUND loan from participating tax professional

Applicants may be eligible for a one time loan of up to $750 which will be deposited (assuming the applicant is approved) onto a Green Dot Card.  Please note that the loan MUST be deposited on a Green Dot Card as part of the MyPrefund promotional offer.  The Prefund offer is available in every state besides Illinois and Vermont (residents residing in Puerto Rico are not eligible for the offer).

Tax Time Loan With PreFund Notes

  • Once the loan is deposited on the Green Dot card customers will have 30 days to use the funds or a monthly fee may be incurred
  • PreFUND is otherwise free and money can be withdrawn from more than 24,000 convenient ATMs
  • Customers withdrawing funds from an ATM other than a MoneyPass network will most likely be charged a bothersome fee
  • The PreFUND $750 Tax Time Loan promotional offer is available from the first day of e-filing through the end of February
  • In order to qualify for a loan via PreFUND the applicant must agree to IRS accepted acknowledgement
  • Any applicants who are denied are not eligible to reapply under any conditions
  • The Green Dot card can be used anywhere Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard are accepted in the US. Conveniently send or receive money anywhere in the nation, pay bills without leaving home, or access more than 24,000 free ATMs
  • Customers are allowed to obtain a second Green Dot card associated with a PreFUND loan at a cost of $4.95

Any questions about a PreFUND loan can be directed to a live customer service agent at 1-877-908-7228 or customers who just need to use the automated service (i.e. to check their balance or listen to recent purchases using the card) can simply dial 800-717-7228.  Card holders who specifically used Jackson Hewitt as their tax advisor should dial 888-353-7228 for live support.

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