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My Ready Card

  • Cardholders can logon to access their ReadyCard account, including viewing their ReadyCard balance and adding money
  • ReadyCards are prepaid Visa cards, not credit cards, so only the amount on the card can be spent. There is no interest or overspending and no overdraft fees with ReadyCard
  • Customers can even choose to have their work paycheck directly deposited to a ReadyCard, making it function almost like a bank account

When customers first get their ReadyCard, they will need to set up a 4 digit PIN. ReadyCard prepaid Visa cards are the easiest way for people to manage their spending. Many prepaid cards have fees for each transaction, but ReadyCard just has a $4.95 monthly service fee. There are also small charges for putting money on a ReadyCard other than direct deposit, like $2 to reload at at ReadySTATION, $1 for Bank ACH transfers, and $1 for card to card or bank account transfers. If a customer returns an item purchased with a ReadyCard, the amount of purchase will be refunded to that card with no additional fees.

My Ready Card Notes

  • Since ReadyCard is prepaid, they recommend not using it for recurring transactions like gym memberships, Internet service, or streaming video subscription services
  • It’s also not recommended to use a ready card for “open ended” transactions where the final amount of the bill isn’t known like rental card or hotel stays
  • Ideal for consumers who do not do well with credit cards

More Things to Know About ReadyCard

  • Ready Credit Corporation was the first company to issue an instant, anonymous prepaid card from a self service kiosk, called the ReadySTATION

ReadyCard is a prepaid Visa Prepaid Card that’s issued by MetaBank. The ReadyCard is issued by Ready Credit Corporation, who has their headquarters at 10340 Viking Drive in Eden Prairie, MN 55344.  Any questions about the My Ready Card program can be directed to a customer service rep at 800-506-0630.  

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