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My Reward Hub

  • The My Reward Hub service is the easiest and fastest way for customers to check the balance on a Citi rewards card online
  • Easy to use and requires a email address upon sign up
  • Customers who access their My Reward Hub account online may be required to take further steps to verify their identity the first time they log in to their account to fight unauthorized use

A Citi My Reward Card service representative will never contact a cardholder by phone, by e-mail, by text message, or through any other means to verify card information (including the actual card number or the PIN number). Citi recommends that cardholders never give their card information to anyone over the phone, regardless of who they claim to be with. Before making an online purchase, a prepaid Citi rewards card will need to be activated online. Citi also recommends setting a new My Reward Hub password every few months to make sure the account is secure as possible. A prepaid card from Citi can only be returned if it is damaged or otherwise unusable, and even then, a replacement card will be issued. If a prepaid Citi My Rewards card is ever lost or stolen, the balance on that card cannot be transferred to another card, and the initial card cannot be replaced. Please note in order to checkĀ the balance on a Citi My Reward Hub card and to view the most recent transactions, customers just need to enter their card number, plus the three digit security code printed on the back.

Do Citi Prepaid Cards Ever Expire?

Prepaid City cards actually do expire one month from their issue date (the date printed on the front of the card). A Citi Prepaid card can not be used past the expiration date printed, and any balance left on the card will be considered lost at that time.

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