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My Sheetz Life

  • Employees of Sheetz can use the My Sheetz Life site to login with their Sheetz user ID and password and find their employee benefits information
  • The My Sheetz site can be used by any Sheetz employee that has access to an Internet enable computer or smart phone
  • Sheetz employees can find their health benefits information through this portal, including finding the closest doctor to their location

My Sheetz Life is an online portal that’s designed for employees of Sheetz to access their benefits information like tax forms and 401k benefits. The information My Sheetz is the same info that any HR employee would have access to. Any current Sheetz employee can log in to My Sheetz Life to find their benefits info, including people who have retired from Sheetz. Employees  who have left Sheetz for any reason will have to weeks to access this site before their login will be disabled.

My Sheetz Life

  • The My Sheetz Life site is only open to Sheetz employees, and contains information that only Sheetz employees are legally allowed to view
  • Any access of this site by anyone who is not an employee of Sheetz may be punished under applicable local laws

More to Know About Sheetz

Sheetz Inc. is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores that are owned by the Sheetz family. Their current headquarters are located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Sheetz was opened in 1952, and has 0ver 17,000 employees across the US today. For many years, Forbes has named Sheetz one of America’s Largest Private Companies for as well as one of the best companies in America to work for, mostly thanks to their great benefits program.

  • The annual revenue of Sheetz is just over $6 billion
  • To contact Sheetz about My Sheetz Life Online dial 1.800.487.5444

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