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My Wireless Claim

  • The Assurant Solutions Mobile Protection Center web site lets customers of certain cell companies file a claim for a damaged phone online, and then track the status of that claim in real time
  • To get started, customers just need to select their carrier from the list (Bluegrass, Claro Up, Movistar, TIM Italy, T-Mobile, or US Cellular)
  • Assurant covers cell phone damage due to mechanical or electrical failure, accidental damage, loss and theft

Assurant Solutions knows that people are using their cell phones for more things than ever before, so more protection than ever is needed. That’s why they offer protection services for cell phones that let customers replace their phones from damage without having to pay expensive repair or replacement costs.

To contact Assurant Solutions (aka My Wireless Claim services):

  • Assurant Solutions, 676 E. Swedesford Road, Suite 300, Wayne, PA 19087
  • 1-800-480-0167

Assurant Solutions offers device protection for cell phones and tablets, and the “My Wireless Claim” web site is a “one stop” point to file, complete or track a “Device Protection+” claim. Submitting an Assurant claim is available 24 hours a day, and tracking updates in real time, showing customers what’s happening every step along the way.

Does Assurant Solutions Have A Deductible?

  • Assurant deductibles can be paid by credit card, debit card, eCheck or Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)
  • A $17 charge applies for customers choosing to pay by C.O.D.
  • Customers can look up the specific deductible for their device by clicking the “My Device” tab

All repair or replacement services from My Wireless Claim do in fact have a deductible, meaning the customer will actually have to pay a little. But it’s still much less than what would be paid otherwise for a new cell phone. A set deductible per occurrence will be charged for each Asurant approved claim.

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