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NC Treasurer Claim Your Cash

  • Find unclaimed money and property with the North Carolina Department of Treasury’s “NC Cash” program
  • In North Carolina, unclaimed property could be pay from a job, insurance proceeds, a bank safe deposit box, and more

The State Treasurer of North Carolina oversees the state’s unclaimed property fund – more than $400 million. North Carolina has established the “NC Cash” program carries to help return unclaimed property to the rightful owner, to ensure that companies conducting business in North Carolina are in compliance with Unclaimed Property Laws, and to give earnings of the Unclaimed Property Fund to the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.

NC Treasurer Claim Your Cash Notes

  • There is no charge or fee to claim money from the NC Cash program
  • No portion of the funds will be taken out for processing
  • Interest from unclaimed property in North Carolina goes towards college scholarships for needy students
  • Funds usually become classified as “unclaimed” because the company can’t track down the account owner due to address changes
  • Unclaimed property in North Carolina means bank accounts, wages from a job, deposits to turn on utilities, proceeds from insurance policies, stocks and bonds, plus contents of abandoned bank safe deposit boxes

Interest from unclaimed property in North Carolina’s fund goes towards the State Educational Assistance Authority, which is a program that provides grants and loans to worthy and needy North Carolina students. By law, unclaimed funds in North Carolina must be given to the Department of State Treasurer, who uses the NC Cash website to track down the owner.

Any question related to the claiming process in the state of North Carolina can be directed to: Department of State Treasurer, 3200 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27604 or via phone at 919-814-4000.

The NC Cash program often sets up at events around North Carolina to help residents track down missing money, like the NC State Fair, the CIAA basketball tournament, the Southern Home Spring and Garden Show, and other conventions and shows.

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