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NJ Courts Juror

  • Respond to a bothersome juror questionnaire online in the state of New Jersey
  • Those looking to respond online to report a respond online for medical reasons and hardship excuses must mail the Jury Management Office information that supports the excuse request

The NJ Courts Juror service is designed for New Jersey jurors who are trying to determine whether they qualify to serve as a juror, request a rescheduling of their reporting date, or are requesting to be excused due to being  75 year of age.  Those seeking to get out of jury duty due to a disability are allowed assuming they give advanced notice and provide reasonable accommodations consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

NJ Courts Juror Notes

  • The New Jersey Juror selection process is completely random
  • Prospective jurors are selected by computer in no particular order
  • Since all New Jersey residents have an equal chance of being selected some jurors are summoned more frequently (call it bad luck)
  • Jurors who have been summoned to the same New Jersey county more than once in three years can request to be excused by filing a qualification questionnaire with the Jury Management Office
  • Jurors’ daily fee is set by statute at $5 per day and will go up to $40 per day starting on their fourth consecutive day of service and each day thereafter
  • Judiciary’s Jury Management Office in each county is available at www.njcourts.com/directory

Jurors who are filing a qualification questionnaire will want to provide the previous dates that they were a juror and the name they served under to help expedite the process.  Jurors who have lost or misplace their juror questionnaire/summons will want to make contact with the Jury Manager in their given county in which they are scheduled to report.  Jurors who are paid for their services will receive IRS form 1099.

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