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Sign up (or learn more) about the  National Prescription Savings Network is a pharmacy discount program which claims they can save consumers a boat load of money in prescription drug costs.  Consumers can sign up at no cost and will be issued a NPSN card which can be used to obtain discounts on medical prescriptions.  The card comes with no fees and claims it can save a family up to $300 a year (average amount).  The NPSN RX Savings Card caters to the US consumers who are uninsured or underinsured which is in the millions.  Please note even those with a comprehensive insurance plan can apply but the discounts will be as great vs the person who does not have health insurance.

NPSN Card Notes

  • Any questions about the card and or program can be directed to 877-890-8077
  • The card is NOT insurance and should not be used as medical insurance
  • Nearly all pharmacies accept the card but if the pharmacist is not familiar with the card please have them dial 1-877-890-8077
  • Prescription drugs vary by state, pharmacy, and city so cardholders should not be surprised if their discount isn’t as great as they expect
  • The card is designed for US residents only and can ONLY be used at US Pharmacies
  • The NPSN card will be stored in the given pharmacies system once it has been used once and there are no bothersome enrollment or renewal forms
  • There are no pre-existing condition exclusions or other carve-outs according to the fine print
  • Customers who do have health insurance should ask their pharmacist to compare the insurance with the NPSN card to determine which provides the best discount

The card does offer a NPSN Mobile App for instant prescription savings that can be downloaded on iOS and Android operating systems.  Anyone looking to contact the firm by mail should write to: National Prescription Savings Network, 217 Centre Street #1180, New York, NY 10013 or dial 1-877-890-8077.

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