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One Vanilla Balance

  • Check the balance of a One Vanila card online in just a few simple steps (the entire balance process should take less than one minute to complete assuimg the card holder has all their information on hand)
  • When checking a One Vanilla Balance the customer will need the card number, the expiration date associated with the One Vanilla card, and the secuirty code (this is the three digit number on the back one the One Vanilla Card)

Once the customer has provided all the required information they will be available to view how much money is left on their One Vanilla Card, check out recent purchases and transactions, PLUS update account information.  Upon activating the One Vanilla Card the card holder will have to pick a 4 digit PIN Number…. this number will be used whenever a purchase is made using the One Vanilla card.

Where can the One Vanilla card be used?  The card can be used anywhere in the US (to include the Discrict of Coulmbia) that accepts Visa debit cards, PULSE cards or Debit MasterCard is accepted.

One Vanilla Balance Notes

  • Customers are not allowed to transfer the balance of one card to antother card under any circumstances
  • The balance will be current no matter how recent a purchase was made
  • The One Vanilla card will not charge a fee to check a balance

Those who misplace their One Vanilla card should dial 1-877-770-6408 ASAP and speak with a customer service agent.  Please note the One Vanilla customer service agent is mandated to obtain the card number and other identifying information before a new card can be issued.  Assuming the customer has the required information and a balance still remains on the One Vanilla Card they will have a replacement Card mailed to them in an amount equal to the remaining balance less any applicable fee.

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