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Open Business Gold

  • Apply for the Business Gold reward card by AMEX
  • The Business Gold Rewards Card comes with an irksome $175 annual fee but most businessman should make up for that with the benefit rewards offered by the membership

The Open Business Gold card program allows the member to pick from 5 business categories in which to earn triple the reward points (please note the member can only earn 3x the points on ONE of the categories).  Businessman would do best to pick the category in which they spend the most money on.

What are the 5 categories associated with he Open Business Gold program?

  • Airfare purchased directly from airlines (i.e. Delta, Southwest, American)
  • Purchases for advertising in select media
  • Purchases at gas stations (this is geared to a the businessman who travels via car)
  • Purchases for shipping (ideal for a company that ships a massive amount of products on a weekly basis)
  • U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers

Even though the member is only allowed to pick one category in relation to the 3 times reward points ALL other categories will still earn a nice 2 times reward points.  And all other run of the mill purchases will earn 1% in rewards.

More notes in regards to the Open Business Gold reward program

  • The 3 times and 2 times point rewards apply to the first $100,000 in purchases in each of the 5 categories per year, 1X point per dollar thereafter
  • The AMEX Business Gold card will not charge the member any foreign transaction fees
  • Gold members will be covered if the eligible rental car is damaged or stolen when the member uses the eligible Card to reserve and pay for the entire eligible vehicle rental and decline the collision damage waiver at the rental car counter

Any questions about the American Express Open Business Gold card can be directed to a AMEX customer service agent at 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276).

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