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  • All employees who work for the state of Kentucky can take part in the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan (KEHP), which is a self funded health care plan (also a non-profit) that has both insurance and health flex spending benefits for almost 275,000 workers
  • State of Kentucky employees who are enrolled in the KEHP can use this online service each year during Kentucky’s open enrollment period to chance their insurance elections
  • Only residents living in the state of Kentucky can use this service

Open Enrollment Kentucky is the best online service for people who work for the state of Kentucky (either as a current state employee, as a school board member, as a local government or city government employee, or a retiree from any of these systems) to manage their insurance benefits each year, and to select new options during the Kentucky employee open enrollment period. The KEHP healthcare system is actually run by state of Kentucky employees who are actively enrolled in the system, meaning that every member has a direct part in making sure the program succeeds, and in making sure that costs for KEHP stay low for themselves and for other members. Every Kentucky employee who works for the state full-time has the opportunity to enroll in KEHP, but participation in the program is not mandatory, and employees do have the option to decline KEHP coverage.

What other services are offered through the KEHP program besides health insurance?

Kentucky’s KEHP program also offers great benefits like the LiveHealth online service, where members can log on and see a doctor face to face virtually at no charge (a service that’s available 24/7), and Vitals SmartShopper, which is a program that lets customers earn a cash reward every time they choose a cost effective option for medical needs.

To contact a representative about the Kentucky Employees Health Plan

  • Call 855.478.1623

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