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Oral B Register

  • People who have purchased a power toothbrush from Oral B can register their product online for extended warranty coverage
  • Customers registering an Oral B toothbrush will just be asked to enter a little personal information (like name and address), and then information about their product like where it was purchased and the model number
  • Most Oral B powered toothbrushes come with a 2 year warranty, which can be extended to 3 years with online registration

Registering an Oral B product online gets customers extended warranty protection, which is useful for replacing an Oral B power toothbrush if it has any mechanical problems. Warranty coverage from Oral B replaces for no charge a toothbrush that doesn’t work properly because of a mechanical defect in the design.

Oral B Register Notes

  • Oral B warranty coverage doesn’t protect against accidental dropping or submerging in water, or from use considered “beyond normal.”
  • Normal wear of brush heads also isn’t covered
  • Free to register

If a customer attempts to repair an Oral B toothbrush on their own, it will void the warranty. Any repair to an Oral B toothbrush must be done by the Proctor & Gamble Customer Service Center.

Who is Oral B?

  • Oral B is owned by Procter & Gamble today, who purchased the company from The Gillette Company in April of 2010
  • The company is well known for introducing bristles that fade in color with wear, giving an indication when it’s time to change
  • Any questions in regards to the Oral B register services can be directed to 800-566-7252

Oral B began in 1950, and is one of the most popular manufacturers of dental hygiene products today. Dr. Robert W. Hutson started the company when he introduced a “Hutson toothbrush” that was far less abrasive to tooth’s enamel, better for massaging gums, and better at removing tooth powder than other common toothbrushes brushes available at the time (which all had rough, angled bristles).

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