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  • Make a payment to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission using EZPASS
  • Toll users can also learn about all other forms of payments that can be made when using the Penna Turn Pike

Please note in order to use the PA Turn Pike EZPASS service the driver will need a E-ZPass transponder which is a radio frequency device that is mounted on the drivers dash-board.  This device will track the driver when using the roadway.  When using the E-ZPass device drivers should always drive thru the E-ZPass lane, do not stop, and keep driving as normal (failure to drive through the correct lane will result in the driver having to use another method to make a toll payment).

PA Turn Pike E-ZPass Notes

  • The driver will have the amount of the deducted from their E-ZPass account prepaid balance
  • Drivers will have 72 hours to register their prepaid account
  • The Go Pak has an initial balance of $38 and a bothersome $3 charge will be assessed for the initial annual fee (so a total of $35 will be available for using the PA Turn Pike tolls)
  • Go Paks are commonly available at places like Giant Eagle, Walmart, ACME, Wegmans, and Karns
  • When purchasing a Go Pak at a retailer some may charge a costly convenience fee at the time of purchase

What is needed in order to create an E-ZPass account?  The motorist will have to provide their driver license number, license plate number, a credit card, and an email address.

Any questions in regards to the PA Turn Toll EZPASS service can be directed to E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 877.736.6727 OR the Turnpike Customer Assistance Center via 800.331.3414.  Anyone looking to contact the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Harrisburg E-ZPass Customer Service Center via US mail should write to: 7631 Derry Street,

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