www.payfcs.com – Pay First Collection Debt Services


  • Access a First Collection Service account online and pay down bothersome debt
  • The service is free to use (no fee) and requires the customer to have their account number from their debt letter

The Pay FCS debt service allows the customer to make a payment without registering or the users can go through a short registration process to make future payments faster and easier.  When registering for Pay FCS the customer will have to provide their First Collection Debt Services account number and their zip code (both of these can be located on the collection letter received).  Once the payment has been made it will be applied to the customers statement and applied to the correct account.

Pay FCS Notes

  • First Collection Services is a debt collection agency
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to make a debt payment
  • This is an attempt to collect a debt and all customer information obtained will be used to for that purpose
  • Most customers will want to sign up for the WebView service which allows them to make a secure payment and manage an account online
  • The debtor number will be needed in order to create a WebView account
  • The WebView service will display the customers payment history (which can be printed)
  • The payment history will include the date the debt was paid down, amount, account, and approval code

Any questions about Pay FCS can be directed to 800-491-0324 (this number can also be used for those who are having a financial hardship and would like to make a payment arrangement with one of the Pay FCS representatives).

Pay FCS accepts VISA, MasterCard, or American Express card OR a checking account (i.e. Bank of American checking account) that is in good standing.  When making a payment via a checking account the customer will need the banks routing and account number.

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