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PayPal Survey

  • PayPal are offering some customers the opportunity to take a short survey online in regards to using this popular online payment service

Please note not all customers who make a purchase using PayPal will receive this survey invitation but the ones who do will be entered into a prize draw where they could win $1000 (assuming they take and finish the PayPal survey online).  The survey will only take a few minutes and the feedback provided will be held in private.

PayPal released an official statement in regards to the survey on their web page forum:

“PayPal has commissioned Decipher Inc., an independent market research company, to conduct this web-based survey among its members. If you have concerns about the validity of this survey, please contact  survey@paypal.com” – PayPal

PayPal Holdings Inc

  • San Jose, CA based online payment firm with more than 15,000 employees (found on the NASDAQ exchange under ticker symbol PYPL)
  • Founded in December 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, and Ken Howery
  • PayPal was founded under the name Confinity
  • Launched a peer-to-peer payment platform called PayPal.Me
  • The PayPal Operations Center is located in Omaha, Nebraska

PayPal has more than 170 million registered customers and revenues over 8 billion US Dollars.  The firm is headquartered at 2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131 and can be reached by phone by dialing 1 (402) 935-2050.

PayPal became its own publicly traded company on September 30, 2014 as it was previously a subsidiary of eBay.  Future rivals to PayPal (besides the obvious Apple, Google) includes smaller online/mobile payment firms to include Square, and Stripe (on the plus side PayPal does own Venmo which is a free digital wallet that lets users share payments with friends via smart phone through a app).  Venmo was released in 2009 and users are not allowed to use the platform to pay for merchandise purchases (only friends to friends).  

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