www.peets.com/peetscard – Check Balance or Reload Peet’s Card

Peet’s Peet’s Card

  • Check a balance or reload a Peet’s card online
  • Peets.com/Peetscard is operated by Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  • Any questions in regards to the card can be directed to an award-winning customer service agent at (800) 999-2132 between the hours of 6 am – 6 pm PT. Monday to Friday (closed on weekends)

In order to check a Peet’s card balance online the customer will need to provide the card number (found on the front of the card) and the PIN number.  Those who are visiting www.peets.om/peetscard to reload a card should sign up for a Peet’s account and opt in to auto-reload which will give the account holder a 5% bonus for any auto-reload amount over $25!  Those who are new to the Peet’s card family will have to go through a short registration process before they can check the balance of the card.  All Peet’s card can be loaded up to $200 and can be used at any Peet’s location (please note Peet’s Cards cannot be used at licensed locations such as airports, grocery stores, cafes, universities and hotels).

www.Peets.com/PeetsCard Notes

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for a re load to be added to the card
  • All Peet’s cards will be delivered via US mail
  • Bulk orders may be mailed using Peet’s bulk carrier
  • Peet’s will replace any lost, stolen, or damaged card
  • Stolen cards should be reported to Peet’s ASAP as Peet’s is only responsible for the value on the card at the time of report (meaning if the crook uses the card before the report that amount of use cannot be recouped)
  • Peet’s cards are a MUST for all Peet’s coffee fan boys
  • These cards make an ideal wedding, birthday, or get well present
  • Cards can be delivered as a gift via US Mail or by eGift
  • There is no limit to the amount of cards a Peet’s customer can purchase


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  2. www.peets.com/customer-service/about-peets-cards