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Petsense Feedback

  • Provide the location of the purchase along with the Petsense transaction number in order to take this customer survey online
  • The Petsense Feedback survey will take about 2 minutes to complete and all information will be held confidential (PetSense employees will not be able to see the survey answers)

Popular Pet Sense locations include North Carolina – Elizabeth City 312, Massachusetts – Westfield 405, New Mexico – Espanola 219, South Carolina – Conway 352, Texas – Kingsville 224, and Washington – Aberdeen 804.

Example of questions that the Pet Sense customer will encounter while taking the survey include:

  • “When you entered the store, were you greeted by a Petsense associate?”
  • “Was the product you were seeking in stock and clearly labeled with a price tag?”
  • “Did the price you were charged at the register match the price that was indicated on the shelf for that item?”

Petsense customers will also be asked to provide feedback on how likely they are to return to the given Petsense location and how likely they would be to recommend Petsense to friends, foes, and family members.

Other popular per supply stores that rival Petsense include PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, Walmart (which rivals any company in retail), Pet Supermarket, a local mom and pop owned pet store, and PETCO.

Any questions for the Petsense corporate office can be directed to 1-877-977-6654 or via email at wowteam@petsenseonline.com.

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