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PNC Online Banking Get Started Now

  • Logon to access online banking services from PNC Bank, including PNC Virtual Wallet
  • The Punch the Pig app is one of PNC’s more unique ways to encourage customers to save money

PNC Bank customers can log on to access the PNC Online Banking portal, where they can check their PNC bank account balance, transfer funds between two PNC accounts, and more.

One of the most popular parts of PNC Bank’s online banking services is the Android Wallet service, where customers can use their cell phones to make purchases at thousands of merchants.

PNC Online Banking Get Started Notes

  • Online Banking from PNC even includes a calendar that’s not just a typical planner, but lets users see when payday is coming, along with when and how money is spent, plus when bills are due each month
  • “Danger Day” is shown on the calendar in red, and is the date that the customer’s account is at risk of being overdrawn
  • PNC’s online banking lets users use the Android Pay service to make purchases with their cell phone

PNC has a very unique way of encouraging customers to save money with the “Punch the Pig” pop up. When customers use the PNC Bank website, they’ll sometimes see a piggy bank pop up. When they click the piggy bank, an amount of the customer’s choosing will be transferred to savings. For customers who use the PNC app, the pig can be set to pop up at random times, making saving money even easier.

PNC Bank

  • PNC Financial Services was founded in 1845
  • Has more than 2,700 branches and 8,000 ATMs across the United States
  • PNC is America’s fifth largest bank, and the third largest ATM provider

PNC Bank is known for compiling the “Christmas Price Index” each Christmas season, where they compile that particular year’s cost of purchasing every item in the “12 Days of Christmas” song.

The firms corporate office can be found at 249 Fifth Avenue, One PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 and reached by telephone at 412-762-2000

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