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Prepaid Citi Grifols

  • Once the customer receives their Citibank Grifols card, it’s activated and ready to use, but the customer will need to call and set a 4 digit PIN number
  • If a Grifols card is lost or stolen, Citi will replace the card with the full amount of funds

To check the balance associated with a Prepaid Citi Grifols card please dial the number on the back of the card or dial 800-238-9762. Once a Grifols card is activated, customers can text the word BAL to 445544 and receive their balance instantly back via text message.  In the event of a lost or stolen card Citi will replace the card with the full amount of funds.

Prepaid Citi Grifols Card Notes

  • Grifols is considered to be one of the US leaders in blood transfusion, blood banking, protein therapy and lab analysis
  • Customers who choose to donate blood or plasma at a Grifols location, and who are compensated for their donation, will be paid through a Grifols prepaid card
  • Any subsequent donations will be paid to the same card. Grifols customers will not need to receive a new card each time they make a donation

The Grifols card issued by Citibank is a prepaid debit card that is branded with the Visa logo, and is accepted anywhere Visa is. To activate a Grifols card, customers will need to have their card with them to enter the 16 digit card number plus the three digit CVC located on the back.

  • It’s not necessary to register and activate a Grifols card to check the balance
  • The Grifols card does have some fees associated with it, but those can be avoided
  • Customers can use their Grifols card to purchase food twice fee free for each donation they make

Prepaid Citi Grifols cards can be used at Citibank and Moneypass ATMs once per donation. Funds that are on a Grifols card can be transferred to a bank account if customers let them build up over the period of a few donations.

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