www.prepaid.citi.com/t-mobilerefund – Citi Prepaid T-Mobile Account

Prepaid Citi T-Mobile Refund

  • Access an account to apply for a refund from T-Mobile
  • Customers will need their card number and security code

The Prepaid Citi T-Mobile Refund service is free for all prepaid card holders and requires a valid email address upon sign up.

T-Mobile Citi Money Services

  • $0 Withdrawal Fees at more than 40,000 ATM’s (these ATM’s must be in-network)
  • $0 bothersome monthly maintenance fees
  • $0 reload fee (only in T-Mobile stores)

The prepaid T-Mobile card service also comes with a free mobile money app which can be used to balance, pay bills & deposit checks.

Any questions about the Prepaid Citi T-Mobile card can be directed to a Customer Service agent at 800-522-7458.

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