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Prepare With CR

  • The Prepare with CR web site is designed to help Americans face the very real danger of not having a food supply during a major emergency
  • Any emergency food packages purchase from My Patriot Supply are designed to not only be nutritious, but to last over two decades and to provide an incredible level of freedom and independence in a crisis
  • There is a limit of two emergency food packages per person, per order

One of the most popular food packages from My Patriot Supply is their $99 package which includes 40 Servings that have a shelf life of up to 25 years (this works out to about 70 cents per serving). Each order from MPS is designed to be a four-week emergency food supply package. The emergency food that MPS ships doesn’t need to be reheated or prepared in any way: it doesn’t even need water added. All emergency food packages that are purchased from My Patriot Supply are ready to be eaten straight out of the packages they are shipped in. For a limited time, food from MPS can be purchased for 54% off of the normal retail price. Every customer who purchases from My Patriot Supply gets two guarantees: high quality emergency food for the best value and freedom. MPS is dedicated to making sure the food people will depend on in an emergency is made from the only freshest ingredients and that it’s sealed for up to 25 year storage.

Why is having an emergency food supply so important?

When it comes to emergency preparedness, 9 out of every 10 Americans are not prepared for a major disaster. But by taking advantage of the limited time offer from My Patriot Supply, Americans can be better prepared and more self-reliant than almost all of their neighbors.

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