www.promo.sprint.com/escalation/inquiry – Check Status Of Registration

Promo Sprint Escalation Inquiry

  • Customers can check the status of a Sprint promo registration with a confirmation number or a Sprint Mobile Number plus the address associated with the customers number

The Promo Sprint Escalation Inquiry service is free to use and any questions about the service can be directed to the customer care phone number: 888-211-4727.  Those who have not registered can do so with the code associated with their promotional offer.

Promo Pre Ordering Notes

  • Shipping cost will differ based on where in the world the customer is located
  • The customer will be charged as soon as they place an order with Sprint
  • All Sprint phones are activated before being shipped
  • Pre-order phones cannot be packaged together with other orders (i.e. tablets or mobile broadband devices)
  • To transfer a previous number to a new Sprint phone please call 866-437-1818 once the new phone is received
  • Customers can check the status of a Sprint purchase 24 hours after the phone has been purchased
  • Customers who purchase a Sprint phone with a rebate offer should allow up to 8 weeks for the rebate to arrive
  • When submitting a rebate be sure to have a valid receipt, otherwise the submission will be invalid and considered void
  • Customers who provide a valid email address will receive rebate updates

If the customer has lost their receipt it is best to call the store and provide the credit card number that was used to make the Sprint Phone purchase and the exact day of purchase.  Customers who do not need an additional line of service at this time may be eligible for the Sprint Upgrade Program.

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