www.protectmyid.com/securityincident – Redeem Complimentary ProtectMyID Elite Membership

Protect My ID Security Incident

  • Allows a customer to claim a complimentary ProtectMyID Elite Membership online

This promotional offer is intended for those who received a letter from Experian in regards to the breach of T-Mobile information.  Customers who feel they were impacted by the recent Experian breach of T-Mobile information but did not receive a letter can still submit for the Protect My ID security incident membership but may be denied.

What does the ProtectMyID Elite membership include?

  • Scans the Internet for unauthorized use of the members SSN, name, and credit cards
  • Provides alerts when the customer’s credit rating changes
  • If a wallet or purse is stolen or lost ProtectMyID will notify members creditors to get new cards
  • Back by a $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
  • If any issues do occur the member will be assigned a personal Fraud Resolution Agent to help them navigate the ins and outs of the incident
  • Offers change of address alerts when the Experian credit bureau or to the United States Postal Service updates the members address (this is almost always a sign of fraud if the member did not change the address themselves)
  • In the unfortunate event a members wallet or purse or money bag is stolen they should call 1-866-369-0422 immediately

When filing for redemption the customer will have to provide their name, address, zip code, email address, phone number and confirm they have been living at that current address for 6 months or more.

Any questions about the Protect My ID security incident membership promotion can be directed to the Protect My ID call center at 866-369-0422.  The call center is open Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. AND Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Anyone looking to contact them via US Mail should write to: Attn: Customer Care
PO Box 22, Allen, TX 75013.  What about a emailing address for ProtectMyID members?  consumersupport@protectmyid.com.

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