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Proxy Vote Proxy

  • The Proxy Voting Online web site is the easiest way for people to submit proxy voting instructions online
  • Customers will need to enter their control number to get started using the Proxy Voting Online system and have their voting instructions considered
  • Electronic delivery of ballots through Proxy Edge and  online voting satisfy all SEC requirements

From Broadridge, Proxy Edge is a package of electronic voting services  to help simplify managing institutional proxies. The Proxy Voting site handles the process of meeting notifications, reporting, tracking, record maintenance, mailing, proxy votes and even vote disclosure rules that have been enforced by the SEC. ProxyEdge provides their proxy voting information through an automated electronic interface that is based information sent directly to Broadridge by the company’s custodian, bank or broker dealer. Managing proxy voting online helps ensure participation from the largest shareowners of a company.

Proxy Vote Proxy Notes

  • Proxy Vote is a Broadridge Service, and for either Postal Mail or e-mail recipients, the customer’s Control Number can be found next to the label “Control Number” or in the body of their e-mail
  • Both Internet and telephone voting lets registered and beneficial shareowners vote through the same system
  • The mobile proxy vote site is the only one of its kind that gives corporation shareholder the chance to to vote whenever and wherever they want, from any mobile, tablet device, or Internet connected device

How to find vote reporting from Broadridge Proxy Voting Online

Corporations can manage their proxy vote mailing and tabulation information in real time online at broadridge.com. The client portal gives 24/7 access through a secure log in to account details, record dates, proxy voting results, current job status, proxy planning details, updates to contact information, and NOBO (non-objecting beneficial owners) list requests.

To contact Broadridge

  • 5 Dakota Drive, Suite 300 Lake Success, NY 11042 USA
  • Call 1 800 353 0103

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